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VIDEO – Scott Siegel MD, DDS interviewed by Shari Criso, RN, CNM, IBCLC, about Infant Tongue- and Lip-Ties

July 28th, “Laser Tissue Interaction Science” Webinar & Workshop

July 28th, “Laser Tissue Interaction Science” Webinar and Live Workshop

Practical Laser Applications in General Practice

UK Laser Surgery Seminar – June 7, 2017

American Based State-of-the-Art Service and Manufacturing Operations

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All surgical CO2 lasers are serviced by LuxarCare at our state-of-the-art laser facility in Woodinville near Seattle, Washington, USA. All of LuxarCare's surgical CO2 laser accessories are manufactured by LuxarCare's sister companies, LightScalpel and Aesculight, LLC, also located in Woodinville.

American based Service Operation is the key to our ability to support all of our American and Canadian customers. We answer your calls live - we strive to never let you listen to voice-driven messages. We provide you with the immediate support and attention for all of your inquiries ranging from Technical Support and Accessories to Clinical Education and Laser Upgrades.

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