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Dr. Godbold's Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures - 2011 Edition

CO2 Surgical Lasers Online Workshop  |  Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures

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Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures

As a clinician who utilizes laser - would you like to incorporate more laser surgeries into your practice? The new "Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures" can help laser surgeons learn how to better utilize their lasers, perform more laser surgeries, and in effect increase their revenues from laser surgery.

Clinical Procedures (Step-by-step slide shows and videos)

Ano-Uro-Genital Procedures (8)

1) Anal Sac Excision - Closed Technique   2) Anal Sac Excision - Open Technique   3) Cystotomy   4) Cystotomy - Transitional Cell Carcinoma Ablation   5) Feline Perineal Urethrostomy - Traditional   6) Feline Perineal Urethrostomy - Modified   7) Perianal Adenoma   8) Preputial Stricture   

Elective ProceduresCanine Neuter, Feline Neuter, Ovariohysterectomy, and more.

Miscellaneous Soft-Tissue Procedures (11)

1) Abscess Incision and Drainage   2) Digital Fibroma Excision   3) Enterotomy   4) Liver Biopsy   5) Sebaceous Cyst   6) Toenail Lasing   7) Choledochotomy   8) Elbow Hygroma   9) Lick Granuloma   10) Persistent Right Aortic Arch   11) Thyroidectomy   

Oral Procedures (9)

1) Acanthomatous Epulis   2) Gingivectomy   3) Lingual Plasmacytoma   4) Oral Mucosal Hyperplasia   5) Tissue Sculpting   6) Feline Stomatitis   7) Gingival Hyperplasia   8) Oral Fibrosarcoma   9) Sublingual Sialocele   

Respiratory Procedures (8)

1) Laryngeal Paralysis   2) Nasal Hyperkeratosis   3) Soft Palate Resection   4) Stenotic Nares - Feline   5) Laryngeal Saccule Eversion   6) Nasal Planum Resection   7) Stenotic Nares - Canine   8) Ventriculocordectomy   

Ear Procedures (4)

1) Aural Hematoma   2) Cerumen Gland Adenocarcinoma   3) Ear Canal Polyp   4) Ear Crop   

Eye Procedures (10)

1) Cherry Eye   2) Entropion   3) Feline Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Eyelid   4) Indolent Ulcer   5) Laser Keratectomy   6) Distichiasis   7) Eyelid Melanoma   8) Feline Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Third Eyelid   9) Lacrimal Punctotomy   10) Meibomium Gland Tumor   

Oncological Procedures (9)

1) Basal Cell Tumor Ablation   2) Histiocytoma   3) Mammary Lumpectotomy   4) Melanocytic Nevus   5) Tumor Excision and Ablation - Ear Cartilage    6) Hemangioma   7) Incisional Biopsy   8) Mastectomy   9) Sebaceous Hyperplasia - Adenoma   

Orthopedic Procedures (5)

1) Dewclaw Amputation   2) Gerbil Tail Amputation   3) Stifle Imbrication - Laser Assisted   4) Tail Amputation   5) Toe Amputation   

Reference Articles (7)

  1. Laser Settings
  2. Tips and Tidbits to Make Your Laser Easier To Use
  3. Why Using Your Laser Should Be Non-Optional
  4. Standardized Recording System For Hollow Waveguide CO2 Surgical Laser Settings
  5. SuperPulse - Is it Really Super?
  6. The Sticky Question - Which Tissue Adhesive Should I Use?
  7. Through The Handpiece: A Focused Look at CO2 Laser Delivery Systems

New Developments for CO2 Lasers

  • The First Tipless Handpiece for Hollow Waveguide Lasers
  • Tipless Handpiece Video

About Dr. John Godbold, Jr., DVM

Dr. J. Godbold Jr. Dr. Godbold, author of the Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures,
is a world-renowned expert and teacher of CO2 Laser Surgery.
He has led over 275 laser workshops, wet-labs, and CE meeting
through-out the U.S. and Europe. The atlas also features contributions
from seven other prominent laser surgeons.

...And More!

The atlas also includes information about laser safety, CO2 laser interaction and surgery techniques, and using the CO2 laser to create the best tissue effect. Please call us at 866-589-2722 to order your copy of the atlas today!

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