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Loaner service plan for your Luxar or Aesculight laser

Overview  |  Repairs starting at $2,400  |  Service Plans starting at $1,550/year  |  Loaner Service Plans starting at $1,999/year

With a LuxarCare service plan you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your LightScalpel, Aesculight and Luxar system is warranted against failures and breakdowns. Service plans are available in a variety of durations, each detailed in the service contract. Call us toll-free at 1-866-LUXARCARE (866-589-2722) to see if your system is eligible for coverage.

Surgical Laser Service Contract Form

We conduct all service plan work at our facility in Bothell, WA. If you need assistance with shipping arrangements, no problem. We sell shipping containers and can help handle the logistics for you. You can find more information regarding shipping on our FAQ page, or you can always call us at 1-866-LUXARCARE (866-589-2722).

What's covered

LuxarCare offers both Standard and Loaner Service Plans. Both plans cover labor and components. Specifically, Loaner Service Plan covers:

  • Laser tube: including laser mirrors, laser gas, and seals
  • Laser power monitor: including detector and controller
  • Electronics: including wiring, power supply, RF drivers, shutter, interlocks, controllers, and display
  • Optical train: including folding mirrors, collimating optics, and mast
  • Loaner laser

What's not covered

  • Fibers, handpieces, and disposable tips
  • Accidental damage including physical damage, fire, abuse, misuse, negligent acts, and acts of God including snow, flood, ice, etc.
  • External cosmetic wear and damage
  • Modifications, repair, or maintenance by anyone not authorized by LuxarCare LLC
  • Failure to properly operate the laser
  • Shipping expenses

*trademarks of and manufactured by Luxar/ESC Medical/Lumenis

LuxarCare LLC reserves the right to refuse service coverage based on our evaluation of the laser - extra charges apply for repairs of physically damaged lasers in need of rebuild. Shipping charges and shipping insurance are the customer's responsibility. We continuously improve our products and services - prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Sales tax will be added if applicable.

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