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VIDEO – Scott Siegel MD, DDS interviewed by Shari Criso, RN, CNM, IBCLC, about Infant Tongue- and Lip-Ties

July 28th, “Laser Tissue Interaction Science” Webinar & Workshop

July 28th, “Laser Tissue Interaction Science” Webinar and Live Workshop

Practical Laser Applications in General Practice

UK Laser Surgery Seminar – June 7, 2017

Special Shipping/Packaging/Decontamination Instructions

Before shipping your equipment to Luxarcare, you MUST do the following before packaging for shipment:

  1. All returned equipment must be decontaminated.
    1. Lasers, fibers, and non-sterilizable accessories must have proper surface decontamination.
    2. Sterilizable accessories such as handpieces must be sterilized.
    3. Do NOT return any used disposables including single use tips, smoke evacuators filters or hoses.
    4. If a product is new and never used, no decontamination is required.
  2. Decontamination or sterilization must be done using your hospital's/clinics standard protocols.
  3. Special LuxarCare permission and instructions are required:
    1. If it is suspected that blood or OPIM has contaminated the INSIDE of any equipment.
    2. If used accessories, including disposables, are being returned in response to a product failure, complaint, warranty claim, or where decontamination or sterilization may influence a potential investigation.

The following form, signed and dated by the customer, must be supplied with every piece of equipment sent to Luxarcare for evaluation or service:

ML103_Decontamination_and_Shipping_Instructions_Form - pdf

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