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2019.  Sister companies LuxarCare LLC and LightScalpel Inc have merged into one organization: LightScalpel Inc (DBA LuxarCare and DBA Aesculight).

2010.  LuxarCare becomes the exclusive distributor and service / support provider for LightScalpel medical laser accessories; the new and improved line of medical laser accessories for flexible-waveguide CO2 surgical lasers.

2009.  LuxarCare and Lumenis jointly announce an agreement; Lumenis officially announces the transfer of responsibility for servicing activities for Luxar, Accuvet, and NovaPulse surgical lasers in the USA and Canada, to Luxarcare, LLC of Bothell, Washington, USA. Lumenis has full confidence in Luxarcare's ability to provide the best and top quality professional after-sale maintenance and repair service to its customer base in the USA and Canada. LuxarCare is recognized as the premier Luxar laser service experts and as the one-stop shop for everything Luxar laser-related, including accessories, services and Luxar Lasers themselves.

Most recently, LuxarCare also becomes the certified distributor and service / support provider for Aesculight veterinary lasers and veterinary laser accessories worldwide.

2005.  Gathering together many talented and experienced former Luxar laser engineers and other industry experts, LuxarCare's founders (Paul Diaz and Peter Vitruk) take on the challenge of designing and building the next generation of CO2 surgical lasers. The result is Aesculight, LLC; a new line of CO2 surgical lasers with improved beam delivery, higher power, new patented laser tube technology, and updated control and display features, along with efficient technical support from LuxarCare.

2002.  LuxarCare LLC is founded in 2002 by Paul Diaz and Peter Vitruk, immediately following their departure from Lumenis. LuxarCare's only objective is to keep the installed base of flexible waveguide CO2 laser users in business. LuxarCare immediately manages to capture a large share of the Luxar laser support market. Currently, LuxarCare is exclusive Lumenis's certified service and support provider for all Luxar / Accuvet lasers in North America; LuxarCare is recognized as the premier Luxar laser service experts and as the one-stop shop for everything Luxar laser-related, including accessories, services and Luxar Lasers themselves. Most recently, LuxarCare has also became an exclusive Aesculight certified distributor and service / support provider for Aesculight / LightScalpel lasers worldwide.

1988 - 2002.  Luxar Corporation is founded by Kathy Laakmann-Crothall and former Xanar laser engineers Paul Diaz, Michael Levy et. al. in Seattle, WA, USA in 1988. Prior to founding Luxar Corporation, many of the company's key technical personnel had also taken part in developing the highly popular line of Xanar CO2 medical lasers, which later became Coherent Medical's (and now Lumenis's) line of UltraPulse CO2 medical lasers. The all-time best-selling surgical laser was invented and designed in the USA by the Luxar Corporation in the late 1980s. Luxar lasers employ a flexible waveguide beam delivery system and are powered by an all-metal laser tube. Luxar lasers outperform their articulated arm rivals and become the most popular CO2 lasers ever sold with over 12,000 customers world-wide. In the late 1990s, Luxar Corporation is sold to ESC Medical Systems and then becomes a part of Lumenis Inc. in 2001 as a result of the ESC and Coherent Medical merger. During Lumenis' post-merger reorganization, all Luxar product lines are moved out of Seattle, WA to overseas locations: medical laser manufacturing moves to Lumenis, Yokneam, Israel and industrial laser manufacturing has moves to Spectron Lasers in Rugby, England.

1970 - 1980s.  All-metal RF-excited CO2 lasers (US Pat 4,169,251) and flexible waveguides for CO2 lasers (US Pat 4,652,083) are invented in the USA in the 1970s-1980s by Kathy Laakmann-Crothall. A crucial component in the success of Luxar surgical CO2 lasers is the all-metal flexible waveguide beam delivery technology, invented in the USA by Michael Levy (US Pat 4,913,505).

1960 - 1970s.  Early surgical CO2 lasers are pioneered in the USA by Xanar, Sharplan and Coherent and use articulated arms before the invention of the flexible waveguide.

1950 - 1960s.  Lasers are concurrently invented in the USSR in the 1950s by Alexander Prokhorov and Nikolay Basov, and in the USA by Charles Townes, Arthur Schawlow, Gordon Gould and Theodore Maiman. The CO2 laser is invented in the USA in 1964 by Kumar Patel.

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