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LightScalpel® Surgical CO2 Lasers

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The LightScalpel - Surgical CO2 Lasers a clear upgrade from Luxar lasers.

Unlike any other surgical or dental CO2 lasers manufactured overseas, all LightScalpel lasers are assembled in the USA and reliably maintained for you by the same laser engineers who designed and built them right here in America.

LightScalpel® Laser Key Features

  • Powerful, portable, lightweight and upgradeable
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Most affordable surgical CO2 laser on the market
  • 10 Watt average SUPERPULSE Power
  • Over 50 Watt peak SUPERPULSE Power
  • Laser NEVER overheats
  • Flexible fiber beam delivery
  • Touch screen display controls
  • Integrated smoke evacuator controls
  • Custom and pre-set lasing programs
  • Custom and default settings for air purge
  • Custom and default settings for smoke evacuation
  • Custom and default settings for "READY" time-out
  • 10 and 20 Watt lasers with flexible fiber beam delivery
  • DEKA and Luxar trade-ins welcome
  • Special discounts for current Luxarcare customers
  • Service headquartered in the USA
LightScalpel Surgical Lasers
Mandatory Veterinary Laser Safety Warning: Danger Invisible Laser Radiation


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