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You've heard us saying: "We at LuxarCare are in business for as long as you use your laser."; and we mean exactly what we say. At LuxarCare, we service and support your flexible waveguide Luxar, Aesculight, and LightScalpel laser systems. Do you need to restore your laser to original factory specifications? Do you require protection for your laser through one of our many service plans? Would you like to upgrade? Maybe you've been searching for laser case studies, marketing assistance, or older Luxar accessories? Any service and support you require, we have the solution. From our free over-the-phone troubleshooting to our state-of-the-art service facility, LuxarCare provides you with the one-stop shop for all of your laser needs (Service Plans, Repairs, Upgrades, Accessories, and FREE over-the-phone Technical Support).

If you are already working with us, you probably know that LuxarCare is not just another laser service company. Unlike all of our competitors, who claim to know everything there is to know about every surgical laser brand and model, we at LuxarCare know only one laser - the flexible waveguide CO2 laser pioneered by Luxar Corp in 1990 and further advanced and improved by Aesculight, LLC in 2006. And we know it better than anyone else... One of our founders, Paul Diaz, was the former Luxar Corporation's Director of Engineering at its inception in 1988; Paul has overseen the design and manufacturing of all Luxar surgical laser models from the original LX-20 all the way through to the NovaPulse. LuxarCare's other founder, Peter Vitruk, PhD, was Luxar's Chief Scientist during 1998-2002. Peter has been involved with the Luxar-style laser tube technology development, design, and manufacturing for over 20 years. Peter and Paul together created LuxarCare in 2002, Aesculight in 2005, and LightScalpel in 2010.

The background of our founders in laser physics and laser engineering is key to LuxarCare's success because:

1) We know the Luxar and Aesculight laser systems inside-out;

2) We are able to repair any Luxar or Aesculight laser on the component level and without needing expensive replacement parts;

3) We are able to repair your Luxar, Aesculight or LightScalpel laser system and restore it to its original factory specifications;

4) We are able to conduct the highest quality repairs in the shortest turn-around time in the industry.

Our pricing structure and the quality of our work makes us second to none. Our customer service excellence and expert over-the-phone technical support has earned us the reputation of the world's top Luxar and Aesculight laser experts. Furthermore, being a small privately held company, we intimately understand the challenges facing our customers, who overwhelmingly are small privately held companies just like LuxarCare: we are willing to work with your requirements.

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