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Unlike steel blade scalpel-based techniques, there is no mechanical contact with the tissue when the CO2 surgical Aesculight or Luxar veterinary laser is deployed. The CO2 laser removes tissue with a highly focused infrared beam: the rapid absorption of laser energy instantaneously ablates the soft tissue target area and, at the same time, seals capillaries, small blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings, with pronounced benefits for both surgeon and patient. The size and power of the laser beam may be adjusted to achieve any desired degree of control over the tissue-removal process, and the laser is equally adept at incisions, excisions, and ablations.

Veterinary laser surgery 1

Laser-appropriate general surgery procedures include:

Spay, Neuter, Mast cell tumors, Tumor bed ablations, Amputations, Toe Nail Lasing, Anal saculectomy, Castration, Perianal tumors, Granulation tissue shaving, Hemangiopericytoma, Ceruminous adenocarcinoma, Chemodectoma Chronic ulcer debridement and sterilization, Colorectal tumor debulking or resection, Cranial cruciate ligament rupture debridement, Cystotomy Deep mass removal, Dewclaw removal, Everted saccule resection, Enterotomy, Fibrosarcoma, Graft bed preparation-infected wounds, Hepatic carcinoma - hepatic lobectomy, Lipoma & Liposarcoma resections, Operculectomy, Penile amputation, Perianal fistulas, Perianal urethostomy stricture revisions, Pericardectomy, Rhabdomyxoma of flank, Subtotal prostatectomy, Tendon sheath tumors hemangiopericytoma, SCC and infiltrating lipoma, Thyroidectomy, Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder, Traumatic wound debridement, Tumor/mass removal, Urethral prolapse resections, Urinary bladder polyps, Vital pulpotomy, Vaginal Fold Excision, Vaginal tumor excisions - leiomyoma, SCC and fibrosarcoma.

Laser-appropriate ENT and oral surgery procedures include:

De-barking, Ear canal ablation, Acanthomastous Epulis, Aural Hemotoma, Bulla curettage, Ear canal polyps, Ear crop, Correction of faulty ear carriage, Epulis removal, Everted laryngeal saccules, Gingival hyperplasia, Periodontal flap surgery, Gingivectomy/plasty Incisional Biopsy, Laryngeal granuloma, Laryngeal scar removal, Laryngeal web revision, Lymphocytic plasmacytic stomatitis, Nasal Hyperkeratosis, Nasal Planum Resection, Oral mass excision, Osteosarcoma of palate, Partial mandibulctomies, Partial maxillectomies, Proliferative otitis - sterilization and ablation, Ramulas, Salivary gland removal, Salivary mucoceles, Soft palate resection, Squamous cell carcinoma, Stenotic nares, Sublingual tissue, Folds, Sublingual Sialocele, Tissue Sculpting, Tongue lesions, Tonsillectomy, Throughing for crown impressions, Ventriculochordectomy.

Veterinary laser surgery 2

Laser-appropriate dermatology surgery procedures include:

Viral papillomas, Epibulbar melanoma, Localized demodex, Acral lick granuloma ablation, Cutaneous masses: skin tags, inclusion cysts, papillomas, Pigmented viral plaques, Actinic keratosis, Hyperkeratosis of digital pads /nasal planum, Hemostasis, Malignant melanoma, Squamous cell carcinoma removal, Wound management (acute and chronic), Pinnal tumors, Feline ceruminous cystomatosis, Calcinosis circumscripta, Follicular cysts and tumors, Gingival hyperplasia and epulis, Nodular sebaceous hyperplasia, Plasma cell pododermatitis.

Laser-appropriate opthamology surgery procedures include:

Mast cell tumors, Entropion, Eyelid tumor removal, Cherry Eye, Conjunctiva treatment, Distichia, ectopic cilia, Hemangioma removal, Keratectomy, Lacrimal Punctotomy for Epiphora, Meibomium Gland Excision, Squamous cell carcinoma removal, Scleral corneal mass removal, Epiphora.

Laser-appropriate avian and exotic surgery procedures include:

Granulation tissue ablation, Vocal fold excision, Castration, Lymph node biopsy, Xanthoma removal, Adrenal gland removal, Nasal polyp removal, Ovary ablation, Anal sac removal, Avian pox lesion removal, Bumblefoot, Canthoplasty for lid deformities, Caesarian section, Amputation, Constricted toe syndrome Diptheroid membrane obstructing, Choanal opening, Eyelid polyp removal, Fibrosarcoma removal, Gonadectomy, Histiocytoma of forepaw, Hysterectomy, Lipoma removal, Liver mass removal, Papilloma removal, Renal adenocarcinoma, Sebaceous adenomas, Skin incisions, Stripping of tendons, Synovial cell sarcoma removal, Traumatic wound debridement, Uterine adenocarcinoma.

Veterinary laser surgery 3

Laser-appropriate equine surgery procedures include:

Sarcoid removal, Melanoma, Proud Flesh, Ablation of penile and cervical lesions, Neoplasia, Acute Scrotal Hernia Repair, Basal Cell Mastocytoma, Castration, Cryptorchidectomy, Entrapped epiglottis procedure, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Ethmoid hematoma, Fibroma/Neurofibroma, Palmer digital neurectomy, Removal of Hydroceles, Scirrhous cord resection, Umbilical hernia repair.

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